We Whoop For Joy When We Hear New Single, ‘Cherry Cola’

Out of North Carolina, Whoop arrived into the world in late 2020 – new but nonetheless perfectly formed. They’ve already released one album, and their second, ‘Just What?’, released on April 1 through Porcelain Records, sees the band cover with aplomb a range of genres, including indie-pop, rock, reggae, and jazz-infused hip-hop. Their new single, ‘Cherry Cola’ is a long tall glass of deliciousness that will fill the listener with absolute joy.

Vocalist Fal is sexy and sultry, teasing the listener with expertly aimed shots of steamy lyrics. Set against a crunchy, punchy instrumental that feels led by the rhythm section, it’s impossible not to at the very least tap along to the music.

Guitarist and producer Steve Bigas is a Grammy Award winner, and the quartet is completed by bassist Nick Clarke and drummer Will Perrone. The band organically evolved from jam sessions held on Friday nights in Steve’s barn studio, in Raleigh. 

Speaking of their music, Fal said,

“Music is supposed to bring people together, shake things up, cause a ruckus, and make a mark. I always want Whoop to leave a lasting impression in someone’s mind/heart/ears.” 

Nick added,

“We normally start with a single idea, whether it be on bass, guitar, or drums. We build off of that until it evolves into a vibe. Fal then takes that vibe and sings the first thing that comes to mind. Later, we chop up the best parts to form outlines for songs.” 

‘Cherry Cola’ is out now. You can find out more about Whoop and their music online on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

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