Tom Speight Releases Brand New Single, ‘Let Go’

Tom Speight’s latest single ‘Let Go’ is an emotional rollercoaster that takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of heartbreak. With his signature blend of catchy melodies and poignant lyrics, Speight once again proves himself to be a true master of the singer/songwriter genre.

From the moment the song begins, you can feel the raw emotion pouring out of every note. Speight’s vocals are rich and soulful, conveying a sense of pain and longing that’s impossible to ignore. But even in the midst of all this heartbreak, there’s a glimmer of hope shining through; as he grapples with these complex emotions, there’s a sense of resilience and determination in Speight’s voice. He’s not giving up – he’s moving on.

Speaking on the record, Tom states that, ​​

“‘Let Go’ is like the follow-up phone call to my previous single ‘The One’, it follows the thread of getting over someone… it deals with the angst & heartbreak.”

With its infectious chorus and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Let Go’ is a true gem in Speight’s already impressive discography. It’s a song that speaks to anyone who’s ever had their heart broken and wondered how they’ll ever recover. But with Speight by your side, you know you’re not alone. He’s there to offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a beautiful song to sing along to. So go ahead, hit play, and let yourself feel it all. Tom Speight has got you covered.

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