Tom Speight announces new single ‘The One’

Not too long to go before Tom Speight’s return single ‘The One.’ Due to be released on January 13th, the London-based singer/songwriter turns over a new leaf and embarks on a new exciting chapter, tapping into his mysterious side.

‘The One’ is bound to contribute to Speight’s impressive 200 million streams and 1 million monthly listeners. Ever since his 2019 debut ‘Collide,’ the talented singer has been making waves all the way from the UK to Australia, Brazil, and Germany.

His highly successful second project, ‘Everything’s Waiting For You,’ saw TOm Speight featured on the small and big screen and became the most featured artist in 2021’s season of Love Island. His hopeful, energetic, sing-along hits were featured in the likes of To All the Boys, Sex Lives of College Girls, The Voice, Strictly, MasterChef.

With the release of this new bewitching single, ‘The One,’ Tom Speight will unveil a new level to his ever-evolving catalog that will act as the first teaser of his forthcoming third album.

Stay tuned and mark your calendars for January 13th. Pre-save here.

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