The Vamps Celebrate Their 10 Year Journey in Cardiff!

The time has FINALLY come for The Vamps to celebrate 10 wonderful years together! Their Greatest Hits tour kicked off in Manchester on the 22nd of November, and fans have been partying ever since as the band take to stages all over the country!

The tour continued in Cardiff this week, and what a show it was! Of course, any good concert starts with fantastic support acts to get the crowd warmed up. The Vamps have invited Henry Moodie with them for this tour where he sang new tracks “18,” and “You Were There For Me” – his debut single that has garnered over 28 million streams on Spotify! The other support act were The Aces, who added a bit of alt-pop to the mix. Their musicianship and stage presence were on fire! The girls performed an incredible set that included “My Phone Is Trying to Kill Me,” and “Daydream.” Overall, the two acts did a fantastic job of getting the crowd vent up. No doubt members of the audience left with a couple of new favourite artists to add to their playlist on the journey home.

Now the crowd is all warmed up, it was time for the moment we had all been waiting for. The moment The Vamps entered the stage, the crowd went crazy! The set began with their hit “Last Night” – the perfect track to open with as it’s up beat and easy for their fans to dance to. “Girls On TV” followed and fans simply LOVED the fact that they were bringing back an oldie but goldie. After this, they belted out banger after banger. “Rest Your Love” – a single which featured on their second album “Wake Up” – went down a treat, making it the perfect party song to perform live.

Photo – Emma Mages
Photo – Emma Mages

Of course, as it’s their greatest hits tour, they performed everyone’s favourites including their first single “Can We Dance,” TikTok favourite “Somebody To You,” well-loved track in clubs and streaming services “All Night,” as well as other singles that have been released throughout their career such as “Wild Heart,” “Oh Cecilia,” and “Married In Vegas.” The Vamps also threw into the mix an array of tracks that only their most hardcore fans would love. The band performed “Hurricane” – a track that was released near the beginning of their career as part of the comedy film “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” that was released back in 2014. Party track “Shades On” followed “Hurricane” and is a song that has always been a fan-favourite from their album “Night and Day (Night Edition).” A song that fans have been asking the guys to sing live for some time now was FINALLY performed. “Lovestruck” – an album track from “Meet The Vamps” – went down beautifully.

Photo – Emma Mages
Photo – Emma Mages

The setlist transported us through their entire journey together over the past 10 years. They reminded us of forgotten tracks that were loved but lost, took us back to all the classics that don’t seem to age, and even introduced us to their new Christmas track “Seat At The Table” – which was released a week before the tour began. The guys certainly know how to keep the crowd entertained. Their musicianship was phenomenal. Drummer Tristan Evans showed no mercy as he provided those beats that we felt deep within our chests all night. James Brittain – McVey shredded his guitar and blew the audience away with his guitar solos. Bassist Connor Ball provided the deep beats that vibrated the floor beneath you. And front-man Bradley Simpson kept the energy going with his truly impressive stage presence. A memorable moment that has to be mentioned is the guitar solos that Brad, Connor and James did during “Risk It All.” As they all took it in turns to show off their skills during the performance, you really saw just how talented they are at keep a crowd absorbed.

Photo – Emma Mages

The show was simply perfection. But, the band wanted to share this experience with the ones that could not make it on tour. On the 1st of December, the boys launched their new streaming site “The Vamps Plus.” As they head out on their world tour, loyal fans from across the world can come on their journey with them from the comfort of their own homes. Their performance at the London O2 Arena can now be found on the site for everyone to see and experience, even if they were not there on the night. They also take you behind the scenes and rehearsals and all sorts of other things. More information can be found here.

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