NEW VIDEO: Allegra ‘Amazing’

A momentary distraction from the outside everyday chaos is precisely what the doctor prescribed. The new anthemic single ‘Amazing’ by Allegra does the job and more. With the accompanying visuals, Allegra swears by the uplifting effect of simply having a good time with the people you love. 

The hypnotic melodies and catchy chorus make for a stand-out dance-pop track for the London-based newcomer. ‘Amazing’ with the stunning Mallorcan backdrop teleports you into a world with no worries and no responsibilities. 

The opening drone shot shows a black beetle car with Allegra and her squad driving through the Mallorcan countryside, ready to unwind. The young songstress elegantly traverses through the main message – there is no need for a special occasion to find an excuse to have a good time. 

Throughout her career since her 2019 debut, Allegra has perfected her ability to transform one via her beautiful vocal arrangements and infectious productions. This year’s singles, ‘He Ain’t You’ and ‘Amazing,’ display Allegra at her prime, ready to get over the charts. 

Watch the ‘Amazing’ music video below. 

Allegra - "Amazing" | Official Music Video

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