Ticky Gets Deeply Personal With Anthemic Release, ‘Wasted’

Out now, ‘Wasted’ is the brand-new single from artist Ticky. Anthemic and emotional, ‘Wasted’ is a track that soars to the stratosphere with its sweeping up-tempo rhythms and electro beats.

‘Wasted’ serves for Ticky as a documentation of her struggles with rising up again after an emotional fall. The poignance of the lyrics are relatable to just about everyone, and when the melody rises up in a glorious crescendo the emotions are palpable, and will doubtlessly be felt by everyone.

Writing on Instagram of the track, Ticky said,

“Wasted is inspired by moments in my life where I have felt worthless and unmotivated to keep on going. It’s a song I wrote to inspire and motivate people and myself to remind us, LIFE is a gift.

It’s about never backing down, never letting go. To keep on trying, to keep on moving, to keep on going cos we have to accept we will ALWAYS have struggle in life.”

Additionally she has said that ‘Wasted’ is to,

“remind people that life is not about having no struggles, but about acknowledging them and to keep on going – it’s about never backing down, never letting go.”

Intimate and personal, yet a certified dance banger at the same time, ‘Wasted’ is sure to appeal to everyone. It’s cathartic for Ticky, serving as an avenue in which to direct her experiences and feelings, while also uplifting not just her own emotions but also those of every listener.

Ticky has been creating music from a very young age, and as a child would reproduce on the piano melodies she heard in her head. From that point it was a small step to writing songs, and she quickly learned how to pair lyrics with her compositions.

During the Covid-19 lockdown Ticky started writing and recording her music as a way to combat her boredom. She is proud to say that every one of her releases has a backstory, which comes from personal experience.  

‘Wasted’ is out now, and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can keep up to date with Ticky and her music online on FacebookInstagramSpotify, and Apple Music.

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