Jonny Ong Returns With New ’60s Inspired Single, ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’

The latest release from Singaporean rock’n’roll multi-instrumentalist Jonny Ong presents the singer returning back to his roots of the 60s and 70s rock with his signature vocal plays. 

As the first single of the year, following the release of last year’s successful record ‘Isolation,’ Jonny Ong reveals ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ as a strong addition to his vast discography and a tribute to his early influences of rock bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stone. ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ offers a vibrant blend of psychedelic rock with 40s jazz and vintage indie rock arrangements. 

Jonny Ong explains more about his new release:  

“For this record, I wanted to take a break from the hand-pan and get back to my roots. I grew up listening to rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s and wanted to make a record inspired by that sound.”

‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ carries darker soft-rock undertones yet holds hopeful positive messaging. Throughout the track, Ong’s vocals surprise with subtly seductive Alex Turner-mimicking sequences. This release undoubtedly showcases some of the best vocal performances we’ve seen from the Ong camp. 

Listen to ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ below. 

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