Top Slot Games Based on Reality TV Shows

Reality TV shows are a huge part of the entertainment industry and have become a mainstay across the globe. The genre has evolved from traditional game shows to fly on the wall shows that put people in different situations. The BBC reported last year that a “study found that a fifth of all primetime TV programmes in the US were reality shows – second only to drama”. In the UK, reality shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and X Factor are considered iconic, with Pauls’ Drag Race also included in the BBC’s list of the 100 greatest TV series of the 21st Century. Such is the popularity of these shows that fans have wanted to interact with them outside of the small screen. One of the most effective ways this has been achieved has been through online slot games.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire


Currently on its 37th series, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire has survived cheating scandals and changes to the main host. While the slot game doesn’t represent the prize money of the TV show, online prizes range from 20p to £20, it does include famous features like the lifelines. In order to get more free spins, players have the option at certain times to guess the correct letter (like the show A, B, C, or D) or walk away with their current prize (guessing wrong results in less spins). In line with the TV show players can use lifelines to make the right choice. For example, 50/50 takes away two wrong answers, phone a friend shows the most likely answer, and ask the audience reveals the odds of each answer.

Deal Or No Deal

Slingo Deal or no Deal big win online casino

Originally based on a Netherland’s gameshow, Deal Or No Deal quickly became a global phenomenon with the most successful, and iconic, version of the show being aired in the UK. Despite the UK series ending in 2016, the gameshow remains one of the most popular and sought after by reality TV fans. This is demonstrated by how the show has had an extended life in the digital sphere. Mindscape created a game for the Nintendo DS in November 2007, there have been official DVD interactive games, and Facebook even has a version called Deal Or No Deal LIVE! The franchise has also moved into online slot gaming. The Deal Or No Deal Slingo game on Foxy Bingo allows gamers to continue playing against the banker in an online format on multiple devices. As in the show, players must eliminate the right boxes to win, making the slot game much more accurate to the show’s actual format than the other games on this list.

Big Brother

Big Brother Slot Machine at 888 Games

The reality show that kicked off an entire genre of reality TV shows has also found an audience online through a dedicated online slot. The slot game features the iconic eye from the show, as well as symbols that represent the Big Brother house, hidden cameras, and, of course, a jacuzzi. The bonus game allows players to choose from a set of 3D rooms to add to any winnings. With the show being off air since 2018, this online game was one of the only ways for online fans to engage with the show. The good news is that the show is back in 2023 on ITV and fans will be able to watch and play along.

Reality shows, whether they are more traditional game shows or fly on the wall series, are continuing to find new audiences. As the above games show, the genre is continuing to expand.

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