NEW MUSIC VIDEO: President Street ‘Heal’

Heal’ is the latest transcending R&B-infused single about tapping into your inner mind in order to get over the pain and heartbreak that still lingers, by Australian songwriter’s President Street. The duo have just released an incredible music video to tell a captivating story, President Street adds a strong soulful vibe into a song that has nothing but smooth melodies, layering their track with glistening pop hooks.

President Street can be defined as pop connoisseurs but ‘Heal’ is approached from a different angle entirely. With lonely spacemen, rocky beaches and doors that open into a theatre of your most cherished memories, the music video transports you into another world. Now President Street is embarking on a journey to release a collection of music all powered by different colours/frequencies, creating a cohesive panorama based on health and well-being.

Saying a few words about the release, President Street’s Ruby says,

“It’s about accepting that for whatever reason our souls chose the families and relationships we have in order to learn and move forward in our evolution and consciousness. Pain is unpleasant. So as humans we tend to want to avoid it. But the source of our pain can at times hold our greatest gifts if we have the courage to face it and lay ourselves bare to healing deeply and thoroughly from it.”

You can watch President Street’s latest video ‘Heal’ below: 

President Street - Heal (Official Music Video)

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