Go Ask Alice: Mitch & Millie Release Brilliant Cover Of Jefferson Airplane Psychedelic Classic, ‘White Rabbit’

Duo Mitch & Millie may have come together by pure chance, but the answer was always there right in front of them.

Mitchell Kaneff spent 10 years, released 3 albums, and was nominated for several Grammys with his band, The Young Presidents, and was ready to strike out for new pastures within the music industry. He realised that his partner, Amelia Leigh Gaw, shared his vision of uplifting the human spirit, and in so doing, connecting in new ways with people. The pair formed the partnership Mitch & Millie, and during lockdown they created a sound which perfectly melds the past with the present, by way of phenomenal renditions of songs. Their creative vision sees them carve a unique niche in the world of modern music, as they partner up newer listeners with the iconic sounds of the past.

Mitch & Millie’s cover of Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 classic, ‘White Rabbit’, sees Millie pay homage to the hypnotic vocals of Grace Slick, while the instrumentals are given a modern treatment, losing none of the psychedelic appeal of the original.

The music video which accompanies the track is equally hallucinatory, with vibrant, kaleidoscopic colours behind the white garbed duo and band. Millie plays the role of Alice, walking through a beautiful glade, followed at a distance by Mitch, the White Rabbit. They fall into an otherworldly place, where backdrops illustrate the worries that were in the minds of those in the 1960s, and are just as much a cause for concern to us in the 21st century.

You can watch the music video for ‘White Rabbit’ below, and follow Mitch & Millie online on Instagram.

Mitch & Millie: White Rabbit

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