Premiere: Carly Burns releases loving new single ‘Sweetheart’

Performer Carly Burns, has been captivating audiences on stage for as long as she can remember, and her reputation continues to grow in an exciting and dazzling fashion. Returning as a songwriter once again, enchanting listeners with her second single release, ‘Sweetheart’.

‘Sweetheart’ comes powered by an iconic Y2K sound, freshened up in a perfect modern ’20s vibe, the fusion of this single combines two different dynamic stages of life for this growing artist. Carly’s vocal prowess is in full swing as she elegantly shows off the incredible range and power she can put behind her voice.

What really shines through in this single is Carly’s energetic sense of personality and charisma that just flows from within. With luscious tones, addictive melodies and alluring vocal lines, Carly’s latest single is a true love song, celebrating her childhood ‘Sweetheart’. 

Talking about the release, Carly says that “a lot of my songs would come from a dark place and I would turn that into a banger. Of course, I love that, but what’s so special about this song is that it really has just been nothing but absolute joy from the get-go, from writing it, recording, getting produced… it’s just been a pleasure and I’m so excited to share it with everyone.”

Carly still has a long way to go before she reaches the heights of some of the greats of the Y2K  years, but each release is starting to show an evolution, and strengthen her craft in every way. Carly is setting herself up for a promising future in music, and fans are looking forward to what’s next.

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