NEW HIT ALERT: Kris James ‘The Way You Move’

Moving along the summer of 2022, Kris James is ready to share what he’s been working on. Released on August 5th, ‘The Way You Move,’ is the first snippet of James’ upcoming second album. With this single release, the singer also announces his support for Will Young’s upcoming commemorative 20 Years Tour.

‘The Way You Move’ is a fresh, light-hearted disco-funk smash showing a new side to Kris James and his artistry. He speaks about the track:

“This time around, I’ve been able to have some real fun in creating this song and the next album. This is the most disco funk I think I have ever gone to, and I absolutely love it! Hope you do too!”

With the quality of the previous self-titled debut album, Kris James took a step back and returned with an elevated trendy disco-funk sound that creates a whole new vibe that makes everyone excited for more. ‘The Way You Move’ is the first of many that will eventually accumulate to a second album from the Kris James camp. 

As a cherry on top, the production genius behind ‘The Way You Move’ is the multi-platinum producer and award-winning songwriter Sam Williams who previously worked with Supergrass, Plan B, and Gaz Combes. 

Stream ‘The Way You Move’ out now.

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