LIVE: aliensdontringdoorbells at the Dublin Castle

The interiors of London’s Dublin Castle cleared up for the landing of aliensdontringdoorbells. With the arrival of Adam and Dorian and their band, people fill the venue in anticipation of an energy-packed performance to end the week just right.

Starting with ‘Consummation,’ the aliens offered an unbeatable set of sing-alongs and vibey tunes perfect for a Friday evening. But this was not just another Friday evening for aliensdontringdoorbells, as they just released two new singles, ‘Hello 2 You’ and ‘Don’t Touch.’

In the mix of performing the new singles, ADRD whipped out a few of the previous records, ‘Arrival,’ including ‘Daylight’ and the smashing ‘Slipping Away.’

When observing Adam and Dorian rocking out, it is easy to admit their stage presence is stronger than ever. They cannot wait to share what they have in store for everyone, as they gave a fantastic performance of unreleased ‘Amanda.’

Stay tuned for new releases; in the meantime, stream ‘Hello 2 You’ and ‘Don’t Touch.’

Photo Credit: Allan McKay

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