The Badly Behaved’s New Single, ‘Runaway (Lauer Remix Radio Edit)’ Is A Track Best Listened To Through Headphones For The Full High Energy Experience

Released on 22 July, ‘Runaway (Lauer Remix Radio Edit)’, is the latest single from The Badly Behaved. It’s a high energy track that totally and completely conveys the feeling of wanting to get away from your present surroundings, and harks back to the music of Bobby Orlando, one of the best known EDM producers of the 80s, and the Hi-NRG movement.

The story of ‘Runaway’ is about someone who has been living in a new city for a few years. It was exciting at first, but after a while, as the routine of day to day living set in, they found the location becoming increasingly uninspiring and lacking in energy. They no longer enjoy living there and feels the need to move to somewhere else.

With a vibrant percussive rhythm that continues through the entire track, and a strong beat holding it all together, there’s a great synthy sound that calls to mind a train – exactly the thing to take you out of the boring city to pastures new.

The track came about when Philipp Lauer, one of the top DJs and producers in Germany, met with The Badly Behaved’s frontman, Richard von Kalmar, for the first time, back in the summer of 2021. Although the meeting was digital, and not in person, the pair hit it off, and decided that Philipp should have a go at remixing The Badly Behaved’s tune, ‘Runaway’. Both artists are fans of Bobby Orlando, and so it seemed only natural to remix the track, with him as inspiration.

While the original ‘Runaway’ already showcased the urgency and intense desire to get away, the remix somehow pares it down to its bare minimum, and in so doing capitalises on the already tangible energy of the track.

Making use of a vocoder for the vocals, Philipp gave a new stress to the lines, “Run away, get away, leave today”, making them stand out more effectively. Additionally, he added drum sounds, pads, and melody lines, which take nothing from the classic pop structure of the original, but rather opens it up further.

‘Runaway (Lauer Remix Radio Edit)’ is out now, and can be streamed and downloaded on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp.

Find out more about The Badly Behaved and their music online on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

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