New Hope Club releases ‘Girl Who Does Both’ and ‘Getting Better’

New Hope Club are kicking off their new era with the release of ‘Girl Who Does Both’ and ‘Getting Better’, out today via Island Records UK. Stream and download here. The single – written and performed by Blake, George and Reece – showcases the band’s extraordinary musical evolution. The songs also mark Blake’s debut as a producer, developed under the band’s mentorship with multi-platinum, award-winning US producer and songwriter Ross Golan (5 Seconds of Summer, Maroon 5).

Harking back to the contrasting A-side/B-side dynamics of the past, the delicate Simon & Garfunkel-leaning ballad ‘Girl Who Does Both’ shows off the band’s acoustic side while ‘Getting Better’ is an exuberant retro-tinged disco-pop song.
New Hope Club said: 

“It has been six years since we formed the band and we have grown together and become experienced musicians and writers by working with amazing people around the world. We felt that it was time to take this project by the scruff of the neck and guide our own path. We wanted to have full reigns over every decision. Writing during a pandemic had an effect on us, we felt that we needed to spread some light and positivity in a time where it was pretty hard to find.”

‘Girl Who Does Both’ hears them celebrating every side of their girl’s personality, amid the boys’ trademark, soaring harmonies while the catchy ‘Getting Better’ is a perfect primer for summer and the slice of pop escapism the world needs right now. Reflecting the trio’s cheeky and carefree outlook and manifesting positivity, they sing, “Good days are coming, coming my way… Life’s getting better”
New Hope Club said: 

“‘Girl Who Does Both’ is a love note to our girlfriends. We love the little things and this song goes through all of those minor details that you fall in love with when you meet someone. ‘Getting Better’ embodies the album, it portrays exactly how we were feeling when we began this project, starting a new era. Being in the studio together, making music with our best friends, life was getting better.”

Having written and performed together since their teens – and all still only 22-years old – New Hope Club is starting a new chapter with greater clarity on their creative purpose. Inspired by great British bands they grew up listening to like The Beatles, The Stone Roses and Oasis; but there are magic touches of classic sounds all over a treasure trove of new music – from sunshine 60s LA pop to reggae rhythms. Blake, George and Reece are making music that resonates, whether they write about relationships, transitioning into adulthood, or simply to spark joy.
The trio from Manchester had gone from playing local pub gigs to growing a devoted global fanbase, selling out headline shows everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, London to Seoul and Tokyo. They have amassed over 2 billion global streams and over 250 million YouTube views. The band’s 2020 self-titled debut album hit Top 5 on the UK charts, and even caught the attention of K-pop superstars V of BTS and The Stray Kids. 
With a US tour kicking off in July, plenty of new music still to come, and Blake set to play Sir Paul McCartney in the eagerly anticipated Brian Epstein Beatles biopic Midas Man; for New Hope Club 2022 is only getting better and better.  

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