SINGLE PREVIEW: Ariana Savalas ‘What Do You Wanna Know’

It’s not long now until the dazzling California-born singer/songwriter Ariana Savalas releases her upcoming single, ‘What Do You Wanna Know.’ This emotionally-charged record will be taken from her forthcoming album ‘Renaissance.’

The anticipation is running high as ‘What Do You Wanna Know’ will be Savalas’ first release after two years break and since the release of her debut studio album ‘The Dead Dance.’ Hearing the teaser of ‘What Do You Wanna Know’ portrays Savalas finding her true meaning in life, effortlessly embracing tropes of classic alt-pop.

From attending a Catholic convent school, Ariana Savalas went on to study Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Then she gravitated toward burlesque theater and gained international fame.

You also may know Ariana Savalas as one of the founding members of the swing and jazz sensation and vintage phenomenon that is Postmodern Jukebox that already gathered over 200 million views.

‘What Do You Wanna Know’ will be released on June 17th; mark your calendars.

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