Australian Singer/Songwriter Ziggy Alberts Drops His Latest Single, ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’

This next single is one that’s been years in the making, but it never quite found its right purpose until very recently. What caused this was something devastating: the horrific floods swept through Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This historic event which saw thousands evacuated from their homes was something that greatly affected local folk singer/songwriter Ziggy Alberts, inspiring the release of his latest single ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’. 

The release of his 2021 hit album, ‘Searching For Freedom’, landed #1 on the AIR Album Chart (Independent Labels) and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart in the first week of release. Ziggy has since released three spellbinding new singles, including his most recent ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’. Acting as an anthem of community, ‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’ calls for everyone to pull together, we all share this beautiful world together and we need to care and look out for everyone. 

“‘THE GREAT DIVIDE’ is a song about coming back together. I wrote this song to remind people they are essential and started it many years ago, with a response to a suicide of a close family friend. Fast forward to 2022, all across the world we’ve been separated on many levels by ideologies, by borders, by mandates. People, in my opinion, have been made to feel like a problem, no matter how much good you try and do. People are essential. Jobs are essential. You are essential.”

You can watch the video for Ziggy Alberts’ latest single here –

Ziggy Alberts - THE GREAT DIVIDE (Official Music Video)

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