OUT NOW: Ziggy Alberts Releases The First Single Of The Year, ‘TATTOOS’

Ziggy Alberts releases brand new single ‘Tattoos’ straight off the back of success of his 2021 album, ‘Searching For Freedom’. After the Australian singer-songwriter and author reached a #1 on the AIR Album Chart and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart in the first week of release, Alberts has already progressed to releasing new material for his ever-growing audience.

Tattoos’ is an elegant acoustic song about the significance of self-expression and self-care during a time of such dismay and dubiety. With its stripped back structure, Alberts is allowed to let his intimate vocals carry the weight of the single, reverberating an affable and warm ambience that evidently comes from a place full of sentiment. With a poetic lyricism and imagery, that sneaks in some of Alberts own self-care rituals, the lyrics coast along infectious melodic lines that will have you humming the chorus throughout the rest of the day. Just emerging from underneath Alberts mellow vocals, lies a beautiful female harmony that gracefully sews the single together.  

There is a clear influence, that follows an essence of fellow coastal folk singer-songwriters like Ben Howard or Nick Mulvey. Though stripped-back, the single offers plenty of tonal variety, a favourable finger-picked guitar, what sounds like the iconic voice of a fender-rhodes, and a second strummed guitar all coalesce to create an engaging and affectionate single full of feeling.

Sister song to his track ‘Don’t Get Caught Up’, Alberts’ lyrics in this single are here to evoke that “it is of utmost importance – now more than ever – to not only wear each other’s shoes but take the shoes off altogether and see we are one and the same.

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