Malin Andersson Has New Music. ‘Reef’ Is Food For Your Soul, And Music To Inspire You.

Malin Andersson garnered critical acclaim for her last album ‘Follow’ back in 2018. Now, she’s back with a new song ‘Reef’ which will be the first single from a new album which is close to her heart. ‘Space to Feel’ will explore her journey as a highly sensitive person, travelling through the emotions that come from leaving a place of tranquillity and moving to the hectic whirl that London can be.

Originally from Tibro, a Swedish village, Malin grew up in a multi-generational musical household and started writing her own songs at eight. With so many different generations around her, it is no surprise to see that her musical inspiration, taste and writing style is all encompassing. Having inspirations ranging from musicians like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Anna Ternheim to authors like Virginia Woolf and Swedish poets Edith Sodergran and Karin Boye, it wouldn’t have been surprising if Malin’s music tried to follow too many paths but this is not the case and in fact, the artist manages to channel all of these diverse factors into something that is both evocative and contemplative, whilst also being hugely relatable in today’s world where we are increasingly concerned and worried by the environmental crisis. Human connection to the world around us, to nature, and to each other has never been more important.

It’s not an understatement to think that we are at a juncture in human and environmental history that to do nothing would be to forfeit our planet for the generations to follow. Malin’s idea for the single ‘Reef’ comes from these concerns and paints the picture that our human direction could be likened to a ship that, because we are failing to change direction, has sailed into a metaphysical reef and that we are now stuck on that obstacle. The song encourages us to see obstacles and turn them into the motivation to have a plan to achieve a positive outcome.

We must re-establish balance, collectively and individually, to see the obstacle and be able to create that plan and the only way we can do that is to be more sensitive to the problem, to the emotional and environmental reef that is looming! Our journey to self-healing and therefore to balancing ourselves with our world can only be achieved by that first step of sensitivity to everything around us.

Malin says of the song:

”Reef is the first in a collection of songs I’m writing about ‘high sensitivity’, deciding to no longer apologise for my own vulnerability whilst encouraging others to do the same. It’s a gift to be sensitive, use it and don’t hide it!”

The song was recorded between London and Grastorp in Sweden with co-producer Anders Rane and mastering engineer Moritz Hausler, of Bat for Lashes, Marina and the Diamonds and Honne fame, and the stunning arrangement of other worldly guitars and deeply textured strings is the perfect backdrop for Malin’s pleasingly smooth vocal style and deeply felt sensitivity.

The video was shot by the London based film director Alex Simpson, known for work with Apple, Channel 4, Guardian and BFI, who has worked with Malin to create imagery that is inspired by the lyrics of the song and is shot on both digital and super-8 formats which, like the song, establishes balance but this time, that’s between the visual and the lyrical message. It is almost the perfect way to echo the song’s core idea.

Malin has moved to London now and has played over one hundred shows of live music at iconic venues like Union Chapel and The Lexington. Moving to the capital has given her the chance to collaborate with different songwriters and producers which has further developed the sound that won her the prestigious ‘Award for Emerging Artists & Songwriters’ from SKAP, the Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors.

The gentle guitar style and thoughtful, inspiring lyrics that brought her so much critical acclaim at home have developed into something that accompanied by the stunning strings and depth of sound can completely transport you to a different place. You will feel yourself being drawn towards a place where the music and the insightful lyrics can create a feeling of nostalgia, melancholy but ultimately positivity; a place where we can be open to being more sensitive.

This is an artist who is moving towards an enchanting sound that manages to be both food for thought and something to soothe your soul. I look forward to the new album and the message and music it will bring.

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