Tommy Stoner Is ‘Sturdy’ With New Single Featuring Ferregamo Swave And Ghee Boe

Atlanta’s Tommy Stoner got into pop, rap, and hip-hop at an early age, and he channelled these interests into some mighty fine music, including, ‘Youforia’, his first pop album, back in 2019. He’s back with a vengeance on his latest single, ‘Sturdy’, which features Ferregamo Swave, and Ghee Boe.

Stoner’s only got better over time, with his rapping, singing, and beat-making improving phenomenally. Taking inspiration from the holy trinity of Andre 3000, Drake, and Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West), he strives to blend different strengths in all he produces.

And he’s certainly produced some of the best, including Young Thug, Rocko, and Cyhi The Prynce, and he never lets genre norms get in the way of finding the true potential of a track, uniting fire pop beats with powerful rap lyrics. Since then, Stoner he has grown and evolved as an artist, improving his rapping, singing, and beat-making abilities. Inspired by Andre 3000, Drake, and Kanye, Stoner strives to blend different strengths in his productions. He’s produced for some of the best – Young Thug,

Tommy Stoner and Ghee Boe aren’t just collaborators – they go about as far back as is possible – the pair are cousins. Swave, meanwhile, moved from New York to Georgia, and after listening to Stoner’s earlier projects just knew that they would make a great team, which says a lot about Stoner. He makes it clear that good things come to those who are willing to put in the time and energy to work hard for them, and as someone who is always in the studio working hard to make the music in his head a reality, Stoner lives and breathes this song’s advice every day. With such drive to be successful in life, Stoner has the power to inspire any listener.

The music video for ‘Sturdy’ will show any viewer that Stoner is totally in his element when performing, and his confidence as an artist and connection to the lyrics is obvious for all to see. Stoner and his crew dance and have a good time in the clip, with an energy that is entirely contagious. The settings in each shot also perfectly fit the vibes of the song. All in all, the track and video will be sure to command attention to Stoner’s clear talent.

Tommy Stoner can be found online on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tommy Stoner - "Sturdy" feat. Ferregamo Swave, Ghee Boe.(Official Music Video)

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