NEW PLAYLIST: Stacey Jackson And Her Best 1980s Picks

For those who find it challenging to get through the first weeks of their New Year’s resolutions, all you might need is a good old playlist to get you back in business. 

Getting off the newest 80s music trend, Stacey Jackson releases 80s nostalgia dance anthem ‘Flipside’ that naturally became the theme song for Stacey’s TV show ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80s.’ 

‘Flipside’ is not only a bop; Jackson made it her own and topped the catchy beat with empowering lyrics about taking risks and being true to yourself. 

The woman of many talents, singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter & mother of four, Jackson has dedicated a whole episode on the best 80s tracks for working out in her TV show ‘Stacey Jackson in the 80s.’ Not only will you get a fantastic session out of it, but you will also reminisce about the iconic music era. 

Flipside - Stacey Jackson

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