The Essential Advent Calendar: December 3

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 3 – Coming To Cinemas 4th & 5th December – TheCBeebies Christmas Show: ‘The Night Before Christmas!’

Modern Films Family is excited to share the brand new poster and trailer for this year’s CBeebies Christmas Show ‘The Night Before Christmas’, available in cinemas on December 4th & 5th.

The show will be sprinkled with plenty of CBeebies magic, festive music, stunning dance performances and a star cast of CBeebies presenters and on-screen talent, making it a cinema event that is sure to be a spectacle for all the family.

The Night Before Christmas

Inspired by the classic poem, ‘The Night Before Christmas’, audiences will follow the adventures of Holly and her brother Jack on Christmas Eve as they send their wishes to Father Christmas. But then they have to deal with the mischievous Wish Taker who steals those wishes, leading Holly to travel far and wide in search of them. Will she succeed and ensure Father Christmas has all the wishes in time for Christmas Day?

The CBeebies Christmas Show will be coming to cinemas across the UK and EIRE on the 4th & 5th December to ensure the whole family can start the festive period with plenty of CBeebies magic!

Filmed at the Theatre Royal Plymouth earlier this year, The Night Before Christmas stars a number of CBeebies favourites including Justin Fletcher as Father Christmas, Little Monster as Little Elf, Evie Pickerill as leading lady Holly and Ben Cajee as her brother Jack.

Cinema guests will be treated to additional exclusive content featuring CBeebies’ Justin Fletcher.

Following the theatrical run, the CBeebies Christmas Show will be available on BBC iPlayer and CBeebies.

Experience the magic of the CBeebies Christmas Show on the BIG SCREEN as it hits cinemas across the UK on Dec 4 & 5 – BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!

The CBeebies Christmas Show will also be showing at select Encore screenings throughout December so keep an eye out at your local cinema!

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