Back To The 80s With Stacey Jackson And ‘Flipside’

Stacey Jackson’s new single ‘Flipside’ hits the spot with all the retro references to 80s pop nostalgia. British TV presenter, singer/songwriter, and a woman who can do it absolutely nailed the current trend. ‘Flipside’ is much more than a party song as the singer features some of her most empowering lyrics yet. 

Let’s break it down. The music video starts with retro video game graphics setting the scene with the first shot. With the main location of a roller-skating disco, ‘Flipside’ finds people having a good time wearing sequence dresses and Euphoria-inspired make-up. 

Stacey Jackson creates a perfect backdrop for an 80s pop-inspired track with people holding disco balls and old-school landline phones. Meanwhile, there is a substance to ‘Flipside’ lyrics. More than just a party anthem, Stacey Jackson makes sure her music inspires, motivates, and empowers. 

“It’s all about taking risks to become a better “you”, even when you have so many commitments in life,” Stacey Jackson states. Singing – “How far would you go, take a chance, and do the impossible” – Jackson challenges her fans. Listening to the lyrics, she succeeded with the execution.  

For someone who launched their musical career at 40 years old, Stacey Jackson keeps up with current trends and strives to be better each time. Since her last release for the 10th anniversary of her collaboration with Snoop Dogg on ‘Live It Up,’ Jackson feels more at home on ‘Flipside’ paying homage to the 80s. 

Stacey Jackson’s new single ‘Flipside’ is out now, and you can find her online on Instagram.

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