Jeorgia Rose Is Back With Her Hotly Anticipated New Song, ‘Recipe for Disaster’

UK Country music is simply going from strength to strength. So much more than ever we are seeing high quality releases and exciting collaborations all the time. One of the shining new stars of the genre is Jeorgia Rose who released her first single ‘I Will Still Remember’ in late 2020 to critical acclaim with the likes of Maverick Magazine, CountryLine TV and Matt Spracklen from Country Hits Radio queueing up to support the release.

Jeorgia comes from Cheshire in England and has loved music since she began learning piano at the age of six. She wrote her first song at the tender age of 9 called ‘Missing You’ and has continued to base her song writing on the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of life using her multi instrumental talents on piano, harp, flute and guitar.

She is hugely inspired by modern Country stalwarts like Taylor Swift, Cassadee Pope and Little Big Town and draws from their styles to create music with authentic, honest lyricism that appeals to young and old fans alike as surely the most relatable thing to listen to is music about real life. With Country music edging towards Pop, and Pop edging ever closer to Country music, there has never been a better time to be writing music of the quality of Jeorgia, who has it within herself to be our very own Taylor Swift.

Fans of Taylor, Catherine McGrath and Kelsea Ballerini will love Jeorgia’s new song. ‘Recipe for Disaster’ is all about recognising those tell-tale warning signs in a relationship, that self-conflict of being in the kind of love that is addictive but unhealthy, the suffocation that exists in a relationship that is invisible until you’re out if it. It is sung from the viewpoint of having been there and not recognising the warning signs. The honest lyrics are backed by a modern Country vibe and definitely fulfil the artist’s goal of bringing Country music to a younger UK audience; its subject matter cannot help but resonate.

Jeorgia was originally discovered by Grammy award winning song writer Femke Weidama, who has worked with artists like Seth Ennis, Sam Palladio, Jess & The Bandits and The Adelaides, and mentor Neal Handforth, her co writers on the new song. Vocals were recorded at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh before being sent to Femke and Neal in Nashville to develop Jeorgia’s modern Country sound.

Jeorgia says:

“The song could be interpreted in different ways but for me it was meant to be from a viewpoint of me talking to myself telling myself that you know the warning signs when you see them. I’m so excited to be releasing this track, it feels like such a long time since my last song obviously due to what happened over the past couple of years its taken a bit longer than expected but I’m so happy to be finally showing everyone what I have been working on, I’m really grateful and proud of everybody who has helped me with this song.”

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