Eyjaa Release Exciting The Follow Up To Their Debut Single With The Highly Anticipated ‘The Wrecking Crew’

There is a kind of vocal understanding that is born rather than trained. The sisters, born in separate countries, are the two halves of Danish Icelandic duo Eyjaa and their brilliant new single ‘The Wrecking Crew’ proves that in bucket loads. As a follow up to one of my favourite debut singles ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, the new song is at first listen pure pop but woven into the intricate strands of the musical cloth there is folk and country vibes that add a real depth to the listening experience.

The girls say,

“We’ve lived in multiple big cities round the world and speak 7 different languages, so when growing up, change was always just around the corner. But from a very early age music became something special between us- from kindergarten performances to music classes as transverse flute, viola and ukulele to studying music and dancing together. Music is our space-a place of harmony”.

Their first single was released in February and was picked up by national Danish radio as “song of the week” and so there was a huge amount of expectation for the follow up single and Eyjja have delivered a song with real atmosphere, honesty and lyrics that many will find entirely relatable.

Sara and Brynja say of the song:

“Going through life we all experience challenges that we tend to overthink or simply misunderstand within ourselves. ‘The Wrecking Crew’ is about how you are never alone with your thoughts. Really, it can be just as beautiful to be sad as it can to be happy. It’s just human emotions, and they are not unknown to any of us”.

The new single is out now and can be streamed everywhere. The invisible connection that exists between sisters is hugely apparent in their stunning harmonies but their emotional lyrics are open to everyone and I’m sure will resonate with so many people going through life on a day to day basis.

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