Bloom de Wilde Is Back With A Colourful, Cosmic New Video For ‘Garden of the Sun’

The visuals for Bloom’s latest single also arrive in tandem with an exceptional new remix by the legendary DJ: JSTAR. Listen to the JSTAR Remix here.

Pairing the playful surrealism of her new single with visuals tailor-made by Bloom herself, the video blends astral animations with exuberant live-appearances from the London-based creative.

Speaking about the new video, Bloom says:

“The video for Garden of the Sun is an astral projection journey through the colourful play worlds that exist in my inner universe.”

Initially started in Amsterdam, Bloom created the visuals using frame-by-frame rotoscope animation techniques and custom-designed collages of fantastical worlds. Travelling back to London, Bloom teamed up with friend and film maker Mark Keshishian, with the pair shooting Bloom’s captivating live performance at Sugarland studios.

Bloom’s striking outfit was made courtesy of designer Kitty Joseph, with make up by Kamila Forini.

A song all about heart connections that reach beyond time and space, ‘Garden of the Sun’ is a cornucopia of Summertime sounds as radiant as it is enigmatic. The track was written a few years ago at a time when Bloom found herself separated from her closest friend who had pursued a new life on the other side of the planet. And yet, despite being half a world away, the pair could still feel the connection they had forged pulsing stronger than ever.

“Garden of the Sun” was recorded by Joe Leach in one-take at The Cow Shed; with Bloom laying down vocals and Fender Rhodes live with long time band member Juba Wetzler on drums. Influenced by Bloom’s favourite Studio One Ska tunes (Jackie Mittoo & The Skatalites’ “El Bang Bang”) as well as elements of Radiohead and Kurt Cobain; its labyrinthine sounds and exotic flavours come from clavichord, SP001 synth bass, samples and programming. Its woozy, undulating trumpet line also comes with compliments from her Sam and The Womp partner: Sam Ritchie. Mao Yamada joins on electric and double bass with additional backing vocals from Nick Trepka and Kai Nobuko, while Bloom’s own children Dizzy and Sesame add its chipper “hello!” elements.

Co-produced by Bloom de Wilde and Nick Trepka, the track was further mixed by Trepka and mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid.

A song that flits between genres and worlds with adventurous spirit and cosmic mystique, ‘Garden Of The Sun’ is out now on all streaming services.

Bloom de Wilde - Garden of the Sun (Official Video)

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