Allegra Brings The Sass With ‘Used To Miss You’

We’re in a new age of female sass. Just ask Dua Lipa and Raye and Anne-Marie and Mabel. And joining this gang of high-heeled empowerment is Allegra, who you may know from her killer hit ‘All About Us’, what with its 10million Tik Tok hits and high rides on all the right charts. Giving Dua a run for her money, seeing as you ask. Not bad for an up-and-coming who, with her new single ‘Used To Miss You’, is firmly up and, er, come! 

A disco-tinged anthem that extols the virtues of not giving a *insert expletive* about toxic people and exes and all that destructive nonsense, and instead feeling the self-love and doing it anyway – with a whole load of that sass we mentioned – it’s a jam for the Gen Z-ers, who will relate to the go-get-‘em lyrics and forward-looking sentiments of this catchy-as gem. Catchy-sass, come to mention it. 

Allegra - Used To Miss You (R3HAB Remix) - Music Video Edit

And R3HAB – off-of mega producer, DJ and all-round dance legend – has got in on the act, collaborating with Allegra on her new drop. And his bar is pretty high – he’s worked his remix magic on Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, The Chainsmokers, names, names, names – so, you know, not any old *insert expletive*. Quite the endorsement, right?

And the video for ‘Used To Miss You’ is totally where it’s at, what with the fierce looks and Allegra’s even fiercer acting. The talent of this blossoming star-in-the-making is off the scale, so best get in on the act while the rest of the world is catching on. 

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