Trilingual, TV Appearances, Heart-Wrenching Ballads: Is There Anything Cassa Jackson Can’t Do?

Bristolian Cassa Jackson is quite the impressive young woman. A trilingual student, Cassa’s love of language is often apparent in the wordplay she uses for her lyrics, writing songs for everyone and everything in her life which brings her joy. Previous track ‘Dear Mum’ ended up on several official Spotify playlists, but it’s new single ‘Learning How To Love’ which has caught our attention.

Detailing the messy and imperfect experiences which come from making a long-term relationship work, Cassa employs her impressive vocal pipes to give us a beautiful rendition of this truly unique love song. The production is luscious, with deep synths undercutting Jackson’s vocals in a gorgeously arranged display. The lyrics are a personal story of learning how to communicate and compromise in order to work on a relationship together and continue making it work. 

The video, just released, shows Cassa wandering through a sun-speckled wood singing along to the lyrics we just saw her write in her diary. It’s an intimate video, illustrating this artist’s ability to draw us into her private world, sharing her innermost thoughts and emotions to those who are willing to listen. In many ways, Jackson is more a storyteller than a popstar.

It’s a mature and graceful take on the love song, and one which stands Cassa Jackson in good stead to be one of the underground pop icons to keep your eyes and ears on this year.

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