Vocal Coach To The Stars: Tee Green Steps Out On His Own

On the list of people that newcomer Tee Green has coached on the way to success is Cilla Black, Atomic Kitten, Misteeq and The Saturdays. Stepping out into the limelight for the first time, Tee Green brings ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ with him, a song which pulled him out of a depression back into the real world. Music is always the healer.

Mixing old-school soul with a hint of modernity, Tee Green creates an ultimately timeless sound that will appeal across generations of listeners. Emulating musicians like Adele, Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble, Green provides music for people who want nothing more, nothing less, than a good song to listen to.

“Music and good friends helped me to heal and gave me a reason to want to be alive again,” Tee understands what depression can do to people and said “I advise anyone who is suffering to talk to someone, tell your friends what you’re going through, don’t be ashamed it’s an illness and you’d be amazed once you open up and talk about it how many people are willing to help. Music and friends have helped me get back to what I love doing best.”

Tee has been a session singer and vocal coach for many years, singing for and coaching some of our biggest recording artists, and also this year made it into the Guinness book of World Records by being the singer who held the longest vocal note in a studio recording, beating all his predecessors, Barbara Streisand, Melba Moore, Johnny Nash and Bill Withers. But after a long-term relationship break up, he sadly went into a deep depression, struggling every day. It has taken Tee a long time to deal with this, but during lockdown he returned to what he knows best. Music pulled him back into the real world.

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