Therapy In The Form Of Pop… Allegra Heals Broken Hearts With ‘Used To Miss You’

“For anyone who has had their heart and head a little messed up…” says Allegra on an Instagram caption on her post about her latest single, ‘Used To Miss You’. “Writing this song was a form of therapy for me, it helped me feel empowered.”

Learning from your life experiences is an essential part of growing up, and if you can translate said life experiences into killer pop songs with catchy hooks that are guaranteed to turn heads on the airwaves; then so much the better. Pop princess Allegra has worked hard over lockdown, producing first ‘Do What I Want’ and now ‘Used to Miss You’ from her writing studio (bedroom) and giving the music media something to write about.

And that’s not all. In conjunction with this massive new release, Allegra has teamed up with none other than dance music legend R3HAB, for a remix unlike any other. Of course, it gained over 1M streams in about ten days. That’s just the kind of power this starlet has.

With ‘Used To Miss You’, Allegra proves that she’s not just a little girl anymore, stomping on that catwalk and singing into that microphone like she owns it. Like she’s always owned it.

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