Sunta Moon Releases Second Single ‘For You I Would Stay The Night’

Newly out as a self-released summer record is ‘For You I Would Stay The Night,’ an awesome follow up single from the rising starlet Sunta Moon. Based in LA but originally hailing from Mexico City, this poet, singer and songwriter first caught our attention back at the start of the year with her debut ‘Reality.’

Showcasing super languid, guitar-strewn Californian vibes, Sunta Moon’s deep and soulful vocals are the centrepiece alongside smooth production from Eddie Boy. The song is about looking for the right person, and she reveals:

“The song is about how it takes more than just some texts, a beautiful face, attraction or a shared moment to actually have something meaningful. That’s why the lyrics say “It’ll take more than that for me to say- that for you I would stay the night.” But in the end the song is hopeful, as in maybe some day there will be a person who is the exception, who is that emotional beautiful connection.”

Listen now.

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