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Simonetta Lein is an embodiment of talent. Aside from being a supermodel, she is also a benevolent philanthropist, a television host, a television producer, an influencer, a fashion mogul, an author, and many other things that make her stand out among one of the leading women on the planet. She is also a world empowerment agent who has been an inspiring legend for those who follow her.

We caught up with Simonetta sharing questions and answers regarding her new projects and career which continues to flourish, reinvent itself, and recreate itself depending upon how the social climate changes.

Are you currently working on any special projects?

I am working on the most special project: The Simonetta Lein Show!

Black Dress – Photo Credit: Denise Marie
Black Dress – Photo Credit: Denise Marie

How is this Simonetta Lein TV show coming along?

We have been having the most incredible guests. With guests like Joe Mantegna, Steve-O, Chris Jericho, Ceelo Green, Julian Marley, Candace Cameron Bure, Grant Cardone, Danny Trejo and many more, I am so excited to continue and we are working towards our 4th season.

We are also having a special edition of the Game Changing Entrepreneurs Panel, where I interview the best entrepreneurs in the world, and it is co-hosted by The Shark Kevin Harrington. I love to help business owners succeed.

June is typically gay pride month, as an activist for human rights how will you celebrate and what does that mean to you?

I spoke about it in my recent interview with Kalen Allen. It means inclusivity and love.

Watch the Kalen Allen interview on SLTV here:

Do you have any summer plans?

Hopefully my parents will be able to come to visit me from Italy after almost 2 years separation. The travel restrictions from Europe are not lifted yet. It has been very hard, but I am hoping to see them very soon.

What contributions do you think you have given to society thus far?

I try my very best to have an impact, through constant work with The Wishwall Foundation empowering girls and people all around the world, and with my never-ending contribution to entrepreneurship. I hope people look up to me as the symbol of someone who accomplishes goals through hard work and dedication. I am an immigrant, became an American citizen and I believe in the American dream. I believe in humanity and no matter the difficult circumstances we are all going through, there are no excuses for not doing your best to make a difference.

Black Dress - Photo Credit: Denise Marie
Black Dress – Photo Credit: Denise Marie

Do you have any advice for people helping to break in to the modelling field?

Use social media as your tool to create your own brand. Invest in yourself, having a great team to produce high quality images and videos. Put them out there as if your social media is your magazine. Start sharing your work with brands you like. Do not get discouraged if work does not come right away. Do not give up. Working on quality over quantity you might soon start to collaborate with some brands and start the first paid job. Many more will follow. Be consistent.

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