Your Guide To The BRITs 2021, By Allegra

As one of the primary rising stars of the pop world today, Allegra has a keen eye for what’s currently in vogue, as she hovers at the side-lines waiting for her time to shine… We got all her hot takes and more, exclusively here at Essentially Pop.

Hi Allegra! Are you excited about the BRITS tonight?
I’m an avid Brits follower and I have watched them since I can remember. I am always sooo excited to watch them, and even more so as this years event is all part of a Government study to try to get live events back and fully functional again, which would be amazing… so it’s pretty historical!
If Dua Lipa wins either of her nominations, you’ll have officially covered a BRIT award-winner’s song. How does that feel?!
I am a huge Dua Lipa fan….she can do no wrong! I am hugely honoured to have covered one of her songs and for it to have been so well received. Dua Lipa needs to be crowned Brits Queen!
Which album do you think deserves to win the Mastercard Award? (our pick is Jessie Ware!)
Dua Lipa… of course!
Is there a ‘Rising Star’ nominee you see yourself emulating or looking up to in particular?
I can only image how amazing it would be to be nominated for a Brits Rising Star award, its such an amazing spring board for your career. All previous winners have gone on to achieve so much. And Celeste is just incredible, so she deserves it all.
Any other hopes/thoughts/predictions?
Dua Lip for Brits Queen!! x
Looks like our girl Allegra knew exactly what she was talking about with her predictions. Dua Lipa won big this year, as did a whole host of other stars, amongst whom Allegra may be able to count herself soon… Keep your eyes and ears peeled for her new single, coming next week! 

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