Katie Kittermaster Signs A Global Publishing Deal As She Drops A New Single And Looks Forward To A Sell Out London Headline Show And A Festival!

At EP, we have long been admirers of the singer-songwriter Katie Kittermaster who has just signed a global publishing deal with BMG. Her new single ‘Out Of Love’ was released on June 18. Katie often uses TikTok to engage with her fans and released a teaser of the single on the platform, gaining more than 500,000 views and 98,000 likes. In bringing in her fans to her songwriting sessions, Katie accumulated a total of 2 million views and over 700,000 likes. It’s been inspiring to watch Katie continue to write and engage with new and old fans using social media but in September she will play a sold out headline gig in London and in July and August play at Chris Evans’ Carfest North and South, sharing the bill with stars like Rag ‘n Bone Man, Tom Grennan, James Blunt, Texas, Nile Rodgers & Chic, McFly, and James Bay amongst a host of others. If you can’t get tickets to these events, then Katie will be playing the superb Garage in London in February.

We got to ask Katie a few questions about this exciting time.

EP: Katie, you’ve recently signed an incredible publishing deal. How will this change things for you as an artist? 

KK: It’s actually crazy I still can’t quite believe it. To have a company such as BMG think that I’m ‘good enough’ really gives me a confidence boost. I am super proud to be part of the BMG family and I am sooooo excited to start working with talented writers, artists and producers from all around the world. I am starting to write for briefs now which is something I’d not done before; I’ve even written my first topline – being pushed out of my comfort zone and I love it!!!!

EP: Tell me about your new single which dropped last week. 

Out Of Love

KK: It’s a track called ‘Out Of Love’ which I wrote in 2020 with Matt Wills – I love writing from personal experience as I think that really helps the listener genuinely connect to the song. I am now and was at the time when I wrote it, in a very happy relationship, however as it reads in my instagram bio ‘I don’t write happy songs’, so I had to delve into my past in search of some heartbreak material. The track is about a relationship where on reflection, both parties had very different interests and had just grown up and apart. I had fallen out of love with someone and really hoped they too felt the same because that way you feel slightly less guilty about it. Breaking up with someone is scary, so I think sometimes it can take a while to bite the bullet!

EP: You have sold out your headline London gig in September and might just be performing at one of the first major festivals after the relaxation of restrictions at Carfest North. I bet you can’t wait to play to a crowd again? 

KK: I know!! Madness – as it’s been so long! I’m itching to get back on the stage and play all the music I’ve written and released since the first lockdown! There is something so inspiring and almost magical about performing live especially when people are singing YOUR OWN lyrics – still blows my mind! I have now also announced another headline show for February 26th at The Garage in London – gassed!!

EP: What do you feel is the direction of your music at the moment and will that be affected by the publishing deal? 

KK: What I love about BMG, as well as my team at Revanche Records is my freedom over my creativity! I am still everyday finding my way direction-wise and I’m so glad that it’s okay to do that!!! I’m writing with so many different people at the moment and that in itself influences the music I make as I can learn so much from all of them.

I think overall the direction is still ‘sad’ but disguised as slightly more upbeat, bedroom pop – hopefully songs you can dance to and cry to at the same time!

EP: As we come slowly out of lockdown, hopefully, how do you see the year ahead panning out release wise ? Can we look forward to an album? 

KK: I am the most indecisive person I swear! Probably not the best thing to admit but it’s real…ahah! I have so many songs I want to release like RIGHT NOW! But I also want to make sure I am 100% sure about everything I put out – hopefully an EP by the end of the year.

EP: Finally, I hope you’ve been well. Have you got your vaccinations booked up and would you encourage young people to get theirs done, not only to stay healthy, but to help get us back to normal gigs again?

KK: I’ve luckily had both of mine already!! I have asthma…so yes – definitely a pro-vaccine queen over here!

Find Katie Kittermaster online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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