‘Like Parent, Like Kid – Top Musicians Whose Offspring Are Following In Their Footsteps

Where does a love of music come from? Some people think it’s just an innate trait that you’re destined to develop, but there’s one trait that’s very common amongst the best musicians: they were brought up around music. We’re going to look at some of the best-known examples of that around today, looking at the kids who are picking up after their parents, striking out their own way in the music industry.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Perhaps the most famous example of a child growing up to be perhaps even more of a cultural icon than their parent, Billy Ray Cyrus might have initially had some pretty divisive things to say about his daughter, Miley Cyrus, particularly in relation to her TV show. However, now it seems the two are on a better note with one another as the former “Hannah Montana” star moves onto bigger and brighter things.

Bob Marley

With a rather prolific career as a father to go with his musical career, it might not be a surprise that at least one of Bob Marley’s twelve children would become a musician. However, Ziggy Marley has earned quite a name for himself, all the same, having released over seventeen studio albums, many of them in collaboration with his siblings and a host of other well-known musicians.

Billie Joe Armstrong

The pop-punk phenomenon who made one of the most startling transitions from “loser-core” light rock to a surprisingly politically potent pop-rock twang with American Idiot, Billie Joe is 49 years old, which might be a surprise to many. His own son, Joey Armstrong, has found his own success with his band SWMRS, finding their own success well away from his father’s shadow primarily through MySpace before releasing their own studio albums.

Will Smith

The offspring of music and acting idol, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith seem to be taking on both sides of their parents’ careers. While Jaden Smith might be more focused on the world of movie, television, and animation, Willow Smith, also known simply as WILLOW, has become quite the prolific singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer since her breakout release: the infectiously memorable Whip My Hair. An award-winning artist, she has already released four albums at 20 years old, not to mention taking on appearances in range of films and TV shows. Time will tell whether she quite reaches the heights of her father.

Paul Rodgers

Though perhaps not as widely known as their father (of Free and Bad Company fame), Jasmine and Steve Rodgers are notable for being not only two children who would go on to become professional musicians, but they even joined the same band, Bôa. This alternative, indie darling grew to have quite a cult following online, in large part thanks to their involvement with cult anime hit, Serial Experiments Lain, to which they contributed the opening song.

Whether music runs in the blood or it’s something we inherit through time and exposure is going to be a matter of debate. However, what’s for sure is that we love seeing it.

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