4 Things To Help You Relax

In times of stress there are some tried and true things you can do to help you relax throughout the day. You have all been through a lot over the past year or so. It is time to take an opportunity for yourself to decompress and loosen up. Some involve a change in location and others tap into your creativity. Find what works best for you.

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Take A Breath

Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air can give you a new perspective on your current thoughts or stressors. While you are outdoors, enjoy the ease and convenience of pod vape. Aside from vape, you can also try these non tobacco pouches to help you relax. Take a seat and appreciate your surroundings. You might spot a bit of nature that you have not had the chance to observe before, especially if you were on lockdown. Take your time and be alone with your thoughts and breathing.

Move Your Body

When we move our bodies instead of staying sedentary, we physically get out of a specific space, and we metaphorically get out of our heads. Exercising to reduce stress and relax our minds is beneficial for your physical health and your mental health. The cadence, body movements, and the rhythm of our breath all make us more attuned and focused on our physical self. We have an opportunity to think about the act of exercise instead of whatever is concerning us at the moment. Exercise releases chemical endorphins that make us feel happier, too. It is a win for both your body and mind.  

There are a wide variety of exercises you can do depending upon your personal preferences and comfort level. (Always consult your healthcare professional as appropriate before beginning any physical activity.) Walking is low-impact and suitable for most physical abilities, ages, and climates. Running takes the impact level up a notch and can provide great stress relief and a physical exercise regimen. If you are new to running, finding a partner for support and encouragement can be just the motivation you are looking for.

Talk With Someone

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person may help you sort through your thoughts and feelings and put your stressful triggers into perspective. Choosing a trusted confidante is important whether that comes in the form of a friend or a trained professional. If you are short on time, telehealth has made great strides during the pandemic and is more available than in the past. 

Make Something Creative

Art therapy is something you can engage with a professional or begin on your own. The act of drawing or even doodling taps into the creative portion of your brain. It brings you relaxation and calm by focusing on something other than your current issue. Your thought processes simply flow into the project you have at hand. You can try out a variety of mediums via online or in-class tutorials.

Finding a creative outlet does not need to manifest only in the form of traditional art. If you enjoy fibre arts, crocheting or knitting are wonderful activities to focus on. Making your own clothing or any variety of do-it-yourself projects are perfect pursuits as well.

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Like so many in today’s world, you need a break. Make some time for yourself today. Find an outlet that works best for your needs. Perhaps your de-stressor is taking a break from it all by binge-watching some excellent entertainment in the privacy of your own home. Whatever you choose, take a break and breathe easy.

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