Top 14 Trending Pop Culture Essay Writing Topics

If you are looking to write an essay that is interesting and exciting, you should write one in pop culture. Most students find custom writings assignments tedious, and that’s understandable. They require thorough research, planning and outlining, and of course writing itself. However, if you choose the right topic, such an assignment can actually be fun to work on. So, if you are looking to write an essay that is interesting and exciting, you should write one on pop culture. Pop culture is a very broad topic and if you are struggling, you can always turn to a professional company and order essay writing services online provided by a team of academic experts. 

Whenever one hears the word “pop culture”, things that come to mind are music artists, what’s on television, gaming, art, language, fashion, social media and more.

Pop culture changed a lot in the 1980’s thanks to artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. These two are known as the queen and king of pop respectively. Fast forward to the 2010s, pop culture is all about having the latest devices to listen to your music too.  

While Michael Jackson and Madonna dominated the chart in the 1980s and early 1990s, these days there is a new wave of artists that have revolutionized the industry.  Artists such as Lil Nas X, Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and more are the symbols of pop culture these days. 

To create a good quality pop culture essay, a student or essay writer can pick from can pick from the following topics below.

  • Does pop culture have a positive or negative impact on the current generation? 

Pop culture is a way of life these days and a student can explore the pros and cons it has on the youth of today.

  • Does culture influence how the youth of today behave? 

A student here can look into how things the youth see and hear influence how they behave. There is no denying that some of the youth of today are influenced by artists like Beyonce,  Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, and Lady Gaga.

  • Does culture affect politics?

Music and politics have always gone hand in hand for many years. There have been so many artists over the years that have used the power of music to get a message across.

  • Why is Michael Jackson widely regarded as the king of pop?

Michael Jackson is widely regarded as one of the best entertainers the world has ever seen. He started singing at a very early age and was part of the group “the Jacksons 5” with his brother. 

It wasn’t until the 1980’s when he released his solo album OFF THE WALL, THRILLER, and BAD that he cemented himself as the king of pop. A student can explore this further by looking at the highs and lows of his career and how he got to be known as the king of pop.

  • How influential is American pop culture to the world?

Many of the biggest pop artists in the world come from America. Thanks to the internet, radios, and televisions, people across the world have access to music, art, fashion and more.

  • How did pop culture start?

Genres such as rock and roll, hip hip and more all have a rich history. A student can look deeply at the start of pop culture, how it has evolved over the years and the direction it is heading in the next few years.

  • Should Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga be seen as pop icons? 

Justin Timberlake is known as the prince of pop having forged a successful acting and solo career. He rose to fame as part of the popular boy band “Nsync”. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, rose to fame when she released her smash hit “Just Dance” in 2008. 

Both these two have been prominent figures in pop culture and have successful acting careers. Should they be seen as pop icons by the current generation the same way people in the 1980s looked at Madonna and Michael Jackson? This is something a student can talk about.

  • How Miley Cyrus evolved from a Disney princess to a pop star? 

Daughter of country music legend, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley has made a career for herself in the pop world. She rose to fame through her Disney show Hannah Montana in 2006. A student can write about how Miley transitioned from Disney kid to pop star.

  • How education benefits from pop culture? 

Students can use pop culture to better understand the music industry, the art, the fashion and more through documentaries, videos, and images.

  • The growth of K-pop in the last 20 years

This type of music goes back to the early 1990s in South Korea however, it gained mainstream attraction in 2000. BTS are the poster boys of K-pop and the biggest boyband in the genre. A student can look at how the genre has evolved over the last 20 years.

  • Disney princesses and pop culture

Disney has been responsible for creating some of the biggest names in pop music like Arianna Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Serena Gomes just to name a few. They each started on the channel before becoming the superstars they are known today.  Any student looking to write an essay on pop culture should consider writing about Disney princesses and pop culture. 

  • Why pop culture can be very controversial

A pop culture essay can be very controversial when it touches on sensitive topics like homosexuality, Botox, lips injection, and politics. Any student who wants to take the controversial route with their essay needs to provide proper information.

  • The pop culture and body image

The way that pop stars look can be a massive talking point especially when it comes to their image. Many stars have either gained or lost a lot of weight for various reasons in pop culture and a student can write about that.

  • Hip-hop culture vs pop culture

Hip hop and pop are two very popular music genres with massive followings. Looking at the history of both in detail and how they started can be very interesting for a student.

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