LO Is ‘LOST IN A DREAM’ With Brand New Single

With his ‘Night Owls’ album on the horizon, Berlin based LO is gearing up for the release with another single, out today. Honing in on his skills as a songwriter, producer and vocalist, the second single to follow ‘BLU’ is the effortlessly stunning ‘LOST IN A DREAM.’

Known for his ability to combine future, lo-fi, electronica and pop elements into one rich listening experience, you can expect humming synth progressions, meandering melodies and stellar vocals from the man himself. Talking through the story behind the record, LO shares:

“LOST IN A DREAM’ is one of the tracks that made me decide to work on an album again. It has this raw electronic sound that really gave me a rush of excitement and inspired the whole sound of the album. The song talks about this bizarre inception-like feeling of weird dreams that you want to wake up from but can’t. Sometimes our inner self feels this same strange feeling about things in reality, whether it’s life plans, relationships, or even just existing. I tried to transport the feeling through this track, the conscious/subconscious state of being.”

‘LOST IN A DREAM’ is ready to stream across all platforms here.

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