Jack Conman To Release New Song, ‘Before You Love Me’

Jack Conman is a 20 year old Manchester based singer-songwriter who has slowly been gathering plaudits from Huw Stevens on BBC Radio 1 as well as appearing at their Big Weekend music festival. He has well over a million streams on Spotify for his previous single Oxytocin and gathered a loyal following after appearing on the inspirational YouTube channel COLORS.

So it with some excitement that I greeted the news that he is releasing a new single ‘Before You Love Me’, a song that describes that first moment of taking the plunge into a new relationship with a typically tender vocal performance to match the inherent intimacy of the song and the moment. In terms of feel, in this new release, think Michael Kiwanuka. Their is an honesty and emotional baring of the soul combined with production that feels like being enfolded in loving arms that create an easily visualised musical image.

From the hotly anticipated debut album ‘Seventh Sense Libido’, releasing next year, and following on from a critically acclaimed EP ‘Heddison’, it really feels that 2021 will be an exciting year for this Hull born songster. With an ability to transcribe everyday human emotion into musical form with searing honesty, this is an artist worth keeping tabs on.

Jack has managed to combine a rugged image with an honest, sensitive lyricism which are the strong brush stokes on the warm background of life that his choice of production provides. He’s a musical hug and who can say, these days, they don’t need a hug. ‘ Before You Love Me’ is all about that moment of vulnerability before you make the emotional leap into a new relationship; if you’ve never listened to Jack Conman, now is the time to make the leap.

Listen to ‘Before You Love Me’ here.

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