Dover Lights Release New Single “Three Women” and Announce Debut Album!

Dream-pop duo from the Ozark mountains Dover Lights have recently dropped their latest single “Three Women” – which is now available to stream on Spotify! Not only have we seen the release of this highly addictive track, but the pair have also put out a music video alongside the single which can be seen below;

Three Women - DOVER LIGHTS

“Three Women” is the first single to be released from Dover Lights upcoming debut album – which is set to be released on the 15th January 2021. It has a unique dreamy-pop sound like you have never heard before. Dover Lights are their to be different, and different is what they have given us. The listening experience will put you in a trance that will be extremely difficult to snap out of. The perfect escapism from a long, wet, winters day.

When talking about “Three Women,” Dover Lights say,

“The song is a portrait of three women who had a profound influence on my life: the first from a dream, the second from my travels, and the third, my wife. The video is made up of footage from a trip that she and I took to the west coast of Ireland a few years ago. We go hard on several of the songs on this album (shifting seamlessly between arena-ready New wave, Dark wave, Post art rock, and Industrial) but play it soft on others, indulging our love of 60s folk. We play it cool on Three Women.”

Their exciting debut album is bound to send chills down your spine with every track you listen to. If “Three Women” is anything to go by, this is something you don’t want to miss. When speaking to Breaker, the pair state that,

The album is an experience. Each song was written and recorded with the full-body of work in mind. Similar to listening to a Bowie album, no two songs sound the same, but they’re all woven together through the vocals, the storytelling in the lyrics, and the tertiary colours in the guitar-work. Several songs on the album deal with spiritual desolation — an Old Testament longing to get out of the wilderness; there’s a sensation of being on fire, burning out of the confines of one’s own body. It’s not all darkness, however. There’s a beauty in it all, and there are brighter songs like Blue Fox and Three Women.”

This chilled out vibe Dover Lights have going on is a feeling that you must have in your life – especially considering all the troubles in the world we all have to deal with currently. For more information about the album and future releases, be sure to follow Dover Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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