Amy Montgomery Drops Stunning Live Performance of ‘Old Photographs’

Irish singer songwriter Amy Montgomery has recently dropped a video of her performing her incredible new single ‘Old Photographs’. The sensational live performance can be viewed below.

Old Photographs - Amy Montgomery (Live at Queens University, Belfast)

Amy’s powerful vocals hit you right to the very core. Her voice projects so much passion as she sings every lyric. The performance was elegantly simple with just a piano and Amy’s pure talent.

‘Old Photographs’, follows on from the release of ‘Anywhere’, the stunning cover of Sharon Van Etten’s, ‘Jupiter 4‘, and also ‘Intangible’, the title track from her upcoming EP. The sound of the EP is what defines Amy as an artist. She showcases that there is no need to over-complicate the lyrics or production. Sometimes, the best pieces of art are the ones that are kept simple, yet beautiful.

When talking about ‘Old Photographs’, Amy Mongomery says,

“’Old Photographs’ is a wave of nostalgia for any listener who allows it to be. This song invites you to reflect on your memories and experiences up to now… to hold them in your hands as if they were grains of sand, then, with acceptance, let them fall through your fingertips and tumble to meet the Earth, pulling you right back to the present, where all memories and experiences are made. We were fortunate enough to be let into the amazing Harty Room at Queen’s University, in the midst of lockdown. Everything was recorded live, right there, right then. My voice bellowed through the walls of what normally would be a bustling university building so in the solitude it was as though time stood still”.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Amy is a truly mesmerising performer that deserves your attention. A physical version of ‘Intangible’ is available for pre-order here. You can stream Amy’s music on Spotify. For more updates on future releases, be sure to follow her on her official website, Facebook and Instagram.

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