Singer-songwriter Juan Abella has made on hell of a comeback with his new musical project called “Vicious Rooster.” His latest single with this project titled “The Moon Is Dancing” is now available to stream on Spotify and a lyric video can be viewed below:

VICIOUS ROOSTER - The Moon Is Dancing (Lyric Video)

After a long break from music, Vicious Rooster returns with songs that talks about some rather serious subjects such as dreams, anxiety, and getting lost in deep thoughts. “The Moon Is Dancing” is a simply wonderful track that starts off dreamy and quiet, only to build up to insane guitar riffs and Juan’s electrifying vocals.

The LA-based artist discovered his love for rock music at a young age. He performed in many bands across the state of Atlanta before deciding that his wants to continue his musical journey solo. It was here where Vicious Rooster was born. Back in 2017, Vicious Rooster dropped his first album “The Darkest Light.” His music can be described as classic rock, with elements southern rock and a hint of grunge. If you’re a fan of Led Zeppelin, The Black Crows, and Alice In Chains, then you have to give Vicious Rooster a listen.

We’re certain that this isn’t the last you hear of Vicious Rooster so be sure to follow his official website, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

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