A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Oils – For UK Buyers

So you’re curious about cannabis oil. You’ve done the right thing by coming here. Understanding cannabis oil is not simple. There are many different types of cannabis oil, and with terminology that sometimes overlaps itself and a market flooded with products whose quality levels vary widely, some basic information is needed in order to best navigate these waters.

First and foremost, what is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is what is known as a blanket term; it encompasses all of the different types of oils that are derived from plants within the cannabis genus (or plant family). 

The four main types of oils you will see that come from the cannabis plant, aka cannabis oils, are:

  1. CBD oils – this oil is typically extracted from the hemp plant 
  2. THC oils – this oil is typically extracted from the marijuana plant
  3. Hemp-Seed Oils – this oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant when they are cold-pressed
  4. Hemp Oils – this oil is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp oils, confusingly, can sometimes contain CBD, THC, or both. 

CBD oils UK and THC oils will be discussed further soon but first, let’s talk about where cannabis oils come from.

Cannabis Plants

Since cannabis oils are extracted from different types of cannabis plants, let’s learn more about them. Cannabis plants contain over a hundred different chemicals referred to as cannabinoids. The cannabis genus includes the species sativa and indica. The two varieties we’ll focus on are hemp and marijuana.

Hemp Plant Facts

  • Hemp plants belong to the sativa species in the cannabis genus.
  • The hemp plant is primarily used for industrial products including:
    • Textiles
    • Rope
    • Paints
    • Biofuels
  • Hemp plants are also the primary plant sourced for CBD oil production.
  • Hemp plants are rich in the cannabinoid known commonly as CBD (cannabidiol). 
  • Hemp plants also contain low levels of the cannabinoid commonly known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
  • Hemp seeds can be cold-pressed to extract what is known as hemp seed oil.
  • The hull byproduct leftover from hemp seed extraction can be used as feed for cattle.
  • Hemp oil can refer to both CBD oil or THC oil, or simply oil extracted from a hemp plant.
  • Oils derived from the hemp plant are low in THC, usually under the typical legal limit of 0.3% (in the UK it is 0.2%), making hemp oils widely legal.

Marijuana Plant Facts

  • Marijuana plants can belong to either of the two species in the cannabis genus (sativa or indica).
  • The marijuana plant is primarily used for recreational purposes.
  • Marijuana plants are the primary plant sourced for THC oil production.
  • Marijuana plants have high levels of the cannabinoid commonly known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
  • Because of the high levels of THC, products derived from marijuana are typically illegal. 
  • THC is known to have psychoactive properties that create a high in the user and is considered to be addictive.
  • The use of marijuana is also associated with mental health problems including paranoia.

THC Oils and CBD Oils – The Details You Need 

Since THC oil is illegal across many places in the world, we’ll spend the majority of the time discussing the details of CBD, however, there are a few things about THC oils that you should know.

THC Oils

THC oils are used recreationally by people looking to get high or stoned. The high or stoned effect from THC oil can last throughout the day and is used instead of marijuana when someone wants the extended results of that sustained effect.

In countries where THC is legal, you will typically see THC oils referred to as cannabis oils. In turn, in those places, hemp oils will be the term used for CBD oils. Because THC is more often illegal, its oil in turn is as well. As a result, the market for THC is not regulated and products can have a wide variety of content and quality. When you buy THC oil you run the risk of getting a product that gives you less than desirable results. 

CBD Oils

The desired effect from CBD oils is a feeling of relaxation or being grounded. Those effects and how long they last depend on many different factors including the type of CBD oil, the dose taken, the method of ingestion and the individual’s body.

Even though some CBD oils contain low levels of THC, they do not get the user high like THC oils. Seeking a high or wanting to get stoned? CBD oil is not what you are looking for. If you are worried about levels of THC in your CBD oil, look for products that guarantee a 0% THC level.

As of now, CBD oil is exceedingly popular in many areas of the world. It comes in many different forms and each is introduced into the body in different ways. Here is a rundown of the methods of use and the types of products that fall under each.

  • Topical Use – products applied topically soak into the pores and are taken into the bloodstream by the blood vessels in the skin. The different types of products that are applied topically include:
      • CBD balms
      • CBD salves
      • CBD creams
  • Inhalants – products that are inhaled enter the bloodstream via the respiratory system and result in the fastest effects, but they are short lived. The different type of products that are inhaled include:
      • CBD Vapes / E-liquids (these liquids are vaporised and inhaled using an electronic vaporiser)
  • Oral Use – products taken orally are swallowed, applied to the tongue or under the tongue, or can be added to food or drink. It’s usually recommended that these products, including soft gel CBD capsules, be used before or with a meal for best results.The different types of products that are ingested orally include:
    • CBD Capsules
    • CBD Oil Drops
    • CBD Sprays
    • CBD Hemp Teas
    • CBD Edibles (gummies and sweets)

The way that CBD oil is extracted has a big effect on the quality of the product and the effects consumers feel when using them. 

When looking for products, look for the following terms:

  • Full-Spectrum

Full-spectrum means that during extraction, all of the terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds were extracted with the cannabinoids. Full-spectrum products offer even greater benefits because all of these compounds are left grouped together, creating what is commonly known as the entourage effect.

  • CO2 Supercritical Extraction

This method of extraction is considered to be the best because it doesn’t damage the integrity of the cannabinoids and results in high-quality product. 

  • Milligrams (mg)

Always look for a product that offers the explanation of its content in milligrams (10mg, 20mg, 40mg, etc) as opposed to percentages (10%, 15%, 20% etc). You need to be able to track how much CBD you are ingesting, and percentages make this task too difficult.

  • Third-Party Testing

Any reputable company producing high quality CBD oils, such as Blessed CBD, will submit their batches of oil to a third-party lab for testing. The results of those tests show the breakdown of all the chemicals and their content levels in the batch. 

While there are many more details to cannabis oils and how cannabinoids work in our bodies, you’ve now got the basics. Let these facts lay the groundwork for you as you move forward.

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