7 Things to Do While Listening to Music

Music is the backdrop to our lives. Whatever we are doing, we can almost always have music along with us for the ride. Sure, it is good to just lie back, relax and listen to a favorite playlist from time to time too, but sometimes, you want to pair music with an activity to make it even more fun, so let’s take a look at just some of the activities that are better with a beat!

5 Most Amazing Ways For Fitness Freaks To Consume Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is becoming increasingly popular among consumers looking for new ways to support their well-being.

Why Does Music In Kratom Bars Hit Different?

Kratom is an extract from the Mitragyna speciosaplant, native to Southeast Asia. You will typically find a Kratom plant growing in Thailand, Borneo, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

The Kratom community is expanding steadily and has become a popular substitute for many types of alcohol. It has become so popular in the USA that a new concept of a kratom bar has come up.

We will discuss Kratom bars in this article and get to know what’s unique in the music of these Kratom bars that we feel a sense of pleasure inside them.


The latest drop from Ed Sheeran lands this week…but with a spicy twist. The sauce superfan is launching his own range of hot sauces that he’s aptly naming, Tingly Ted’s – a new, bland-busting hot sauce. 

7 Advantages Of Pairing Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom With Music That You Didn’t Know

Music evokes feelings that individuals often suppress for a long time. It happens as the human mind can connect music and tune with their memories, and we are all aware that memories can make humans connect with their most profound feelings. Music can be thrilling for some and relaxing for others, but it is a way of expression for all. After a long day at work or traveling, we all love putting on our earphones, playing our favorite music, and disconnecting from the world.

What Makes Black Kratom Better Than Other Kratom Strains?

Kratom Strains with black veins are sporadic and likely descended from the red Strains. The leaves of red Kratom undergo fermentation three times, which increases its soothing effects and makes them more effective in relieving pain. Because black kratom is not particularly popular, relatively few suppliers have it in their stores. Consequently, it often has a price tag that is more expensive than other Strains.

The End Of A Relationship Is Not The End Of The World: How Nature Can Help Us Heal

I was talking with a friend the other day who’d been going through a hard time, following a breakup with his boyfriend. As you know, when I’m not on Essentially Pop, I am often to be found in my garden, so it’s not difficult to guess that when I gave him my advice on how to get through this pain, my mind turned to a garden analogy.

Fruit And Vegetable Success Stories: What We’re Growing And What Works Best For Us

What’s your best gardening success story? Mine has to be strawberries. I want to say they’re practically foolproof but I have been known to kill some plants!

Spring Is Here, And So We Ramp Up The Garden Adventures

Life…uh…finds a way. Out of nowhere it feels like winter has retreated to a seat out the back, and made room for spring to have its time in the spotlight. Sure, the weather isn’t super warm just yet, but if you’ve been following the weather forecast with any sort of focus (I have, because I am crocheting a “weather scarf” – more on that another time), you’ll definitely have noticed that the mornings aren’t quite so brisk, and the now sunlit evenings don’t also have that bone-chilling factor that makes you want to go back indoors pronto.

Essentially Gardening, Or, How Does Lisa’s Garden Grow?

I’ve always been an avid gardener, and as a mother of four, I’m constantly trying to look after the health of my family, so growing my own fruit and vegetables has been more than just a hobby, it’s become part of my lifestyle.

A Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Oils – For UK Buyers

So you’re curious about cannabis oil. You’ve done the right thing by coming here. Understanding cannabis oil is not simple. There are many different types of cannabis oil, and with terminology that sometimes overlaps itself and a market flooded with products whose quality levels vary widely, some basic information is needed in order to best navigate these waters.

The 9 Most Influential Movies That Will Make You Think More About Your Health

Our health is the most precious thing that we have and we have to take care of it to live long and healthy. Sometimes, we just fall for temptations and start a life with bad habits – from smoking, do drinking alcohol and drug abuse, to eating enormous amounts of pizza and drinking carbonated drinks. The movie industry is known to be highly influential. Therefore, movies about health that offer education on how to live healthier are worthy of our time. We present to you the most influential movies that will make you think twice about your bad habits that could cost you a life.