Steven Malcolm Teams Up With Shaggy For The Fiery ‘FUEGO’ REMIX

Question; what do you get when you combine the efforts of one of the most exciting rising stars of hip hop today, with the legendary status of one of dancehall’s most celebrated artists?

Answer; a song like ‘Fuego’.

‘FUEGO’ is what happens when these two multi-cultural artists collide, combining influences from the Caribbean and the States, pure hip-hop grit with Latina guitars and Jamaican flair. The resultant song is unlike anything else on the scene right now; an absolute melting pot of influences, sounds and styles combine to create ‘Fuego’.

The accompanying video is a more of a short film, following the two artists as they navigate the seedy underbelly of a city and evade a crime henchwoman’s clutches.

A multi-cultural hip-hop artist, Steven Malcolm’s songs are grounded in fiercely-delivered rhymes and a willingness to blur the lines between genres. It’s an approach that’s earned the songwriter five award nominations, more than 41+ million on-demand streams, and an audience that’s just as diverse as his own influences, bridging the gap between the worlds of commercial rap, pop, and reggae. From his cinematic music videos to his diverse, hard-driving music, Steven Malcolm continues making art that breaks boundaries and inspires listeners to become better versions of themselves. 

“Fuego Remix” is the sound of a fire reborn, with two multi-cultural hip-hop trailblazers fanning the flames.

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