Described by Fader as an ‘electro-pop maven’, Kiesza releases her second studio album, ‘Crave’, via her own label, Zebra Spirit Tribe.

A showcase of Kiesza’s signature electro-leaning pop sound, ‘Crave’ was entirely written by the singer, and is a nod to the 80s, a decade to which she has always been drawn. The album features production from Peter Wade, phonehome, Bobby Love, Chris Malinchak, Electric, Louis Biancaniello & Mike Biancaniello, and LICK DROP.

Lyrically, Crave reveals a fearless and honest portrayal of Kiesza’s personal experiences, including her traumatic and life-changing year in 2017. Following the release of her chart-topping, international hit debut album ‘Sound Of A Woman‘, Kiesza was forced to take a two year after suffering a critical head injury in a car crash. The injury rendered her incapable of writing/recording music, performing live and potentially ever walking again. She was subsequently not only housebound (essentially self-isolating), but also bedbound for several months, with no idea of when she might recover. Eventually Kiesza emerged, fully recovered, stronger than ever, and bursting with ideas for a new collection of songs.

“There is so much I could and want to tell you about what it took to get to this album and why it sounds the way it does. I will tell you everything in time, but for now just know that this album is intended to lift you up. It’s there to give you a second wind and boost your spirit. I wanted it to be positive, for you and for me, as I know a lot of us need that right now. I’ve been on that same rollercoaster that you almost certainly have for the past five years; that one they call life. And there is still so much to share. It’s best to think of this album as that beautiful sunlit tip of the iceberg, while I slowly begin to take you beneath the surface. I’m beyond excited to shared this new body of work with you and I hope it adds some positive energy to your day as you listen through music. And thank you to my whole tribe, who are this reason this music is coming out. I love you.” – Kiesza

Alongside the release of Crave, Kiesza has shared the music video for her recently released single from the album, ‘Love Me With Your Lie’. Directed, edited and styled by 10th Dimension studios, a creative collective based in Hollywood, the accompanying music video for ‘Love Me With Your Lie’ presents Kiesza in a way she has never been seen before.

Singer-songwriter Kiesza was raised in Calgary, Canada. A former member of the Royal Canadian Navy, a ballet dancer, and a beauty queen, she has always danced to the beat of her own drum. Kiesza exploded onto the music scene in 2014 with ‘Hideaway’, and her 1 million + selling, chart-topping, ‘Sound of A Woman’ debut album, saw Kiesza recruited to write songs for the likes of Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson, and collaborate with Duran Duran, Skrillex, Pitbull, Diplo and more.

Now, returning to music after her post accident hiatus, Kiesza is emerging as an artist reborn. Armed with a brilliant collection of new songs and a fresh perspective on the future, she is releasing her music independently through her own label, Zebra Spirit Tribe. The new decade marks a promising new beginning for one of the last decade’s biggest breakouts—and this time, she’s doing it her way.

See the tracklisting for ‘Crave’ below:

  1. Run Renegade  (Produced by Peter Wade)
  2. All Of The Feelings  (Produced by phonehome)
  3. Crave  (Produced by Electric)
  4. Can’t Be Saved  (Produced by Louis Biancaniello and Mike Biancaniello)
  5. Love Me With Your Lie  (Produced by Bobby Love)
  6. When Boys Cry  (Produced by Chris Malinchak)
  7. Sky Ain’t The Limit  (Produced by LICK DROP)
  8. Love Never Dies  (Produced by Chris Malinchak)
  9. Dance With Your Best Friend ft. Shan Vincent De Paul and Cocanina  (Produced by LICK DROP)

‘Crave’ is available to stream and download here across all platforms.

Watch the music video for ‘Love Me With Your Lie’ below:

Kiesza - Love Me With Your Lie (Official Video)

Find out more about Kiesza online on her official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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