The 9 Most Influential Movies That Will Make You Think More About Your Health

Our health is the most precious thing that we have and we have to take care of it to live long and healthy. Sometimes, we just fall for temptations and start a life with bad habits – from smoking, do drinking alcohol and drug abuse, to eating enormous amounts of pizza and drinking carbonated drinks. The movie industry is known to be highly influential. Therefore, movies about health that offer education on how to live healthier are worthy of our time. We present to you the most influential movies that will make you think twice about your bad habits that could cost you a life.


One of the most influential health related movies is a drama about anti-abortion, which is based on the memoir of Abby Johnson. The main protagonist is Abby (portrayed by Ashley Bratcher) who is the director of a clinic for Planned Parenthood who later became the main activist of the anti-abortion movement and the movie depicts her life with her late husband and her daughter. The movie is specific to due to many flashbacks. The flashbacks are from her life, where the audience can see her early beginnings when she was asked to assist in her first abortion case, to the later divorce of her husband. The movie received fantastic response and critics, marking it as one of the most important movies that depicts the real-life of abortion cases, but also touch the moral, religious, social and political aspects that are often interfered.


Happy is one of the good movies for health class and all people who fall down, thinking about how they have the biggest problems of all people on Earth. This documentary shows the various lives of various people around the world – from rickshaw drivers to cohousing parents and a Cajun fisherman, depicting the different aspects of happiness and how different people define this term. From the slums of Kolkata to Louisiana swamps. The director, Roko Belic, wanted to show that too much concern like it is the case with Japanese workers who die young just to be highly efficient at their jobs, can lead in the wrong way and ruin our health to the point where we don’t know for better. The real-life world examples will help you to value your life and your family as there is nothing else in the world that more worthy.

In Defense of Food 

Whether you think of health as something abstract or you think that is something that could help you to have a happier life, In Defense of Food will solve your doubts. Based on Michal Pollan’s best-selling book, this health-based movie shows that the modern diets can have counter-productive effects and lead on the wrong tracks. Many essay examples, including those from service, touched this movie. The movie shows how American people try to find the magic potion for healthy lives, which does not exist in the form they believe in. The key is to change the way you think of food and adopt some changes in your diet to achieve a happier and healthier life. 

Super Size Me

Almost every modern school essay on health involved mentioning Super Size Me, portrayed by Morgan Spurlock, where he experiences the physical and psychological changes while exploring the fast-food industry. He tried to eat three meals in McDonald’s restaurant per day, where he would eat around 5,000 kcal during the experiment, which resulted in gaining 11.1 kilograms, increased cholesterol and mood swings. Spurlock needed 14 months to lose the gained weight. After this movie, you will start thinking differently about the fast food and the tasty burgers that tempt you eat more and more.

Food, Inc

Writing on health must involve Food, Inc, a documentary movie on the food industry in the US and how huge corporations make money by selling food of a suspicious quality that can damage your health. From the industrial production of chicken, beef and pork, to the grain, vegetables – everything is about legal and economic power of major companies that control food labeling and offer contaminated food, full of chemicals that are toxic to humans. Michal Pollan was a consultant and he is present in the movie. The movie triggered a lot of public protesting and calling out for the system change and caused a lot of inspections of the giant industry-related corporations.

Forks Over Knives 

One of the best documentaries that show how fast food services ruin our health is Forks Over Knives, where three protagonists eat nothing but plant-based food for six months. It results in losing excessive weight, getting rid of cholesterol and blood pressure drugs, ultimately achieving better sleep and more energy. The whole point of the movie is that a plant-based diet saves health. In the movie, all patients (a patient with breast cancer, one with heart problems and one with high cholesterol) managed to get well after the six-month vegetarian diet. The movie also involves the work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell who were monitoring all the patients and their health.

From Fat to Finish Line

Once From Fat to Finish Line movie was released, a lot of online health debates were started as the movie shows the fight of the obese people who are trying to lose 100 pounds and change their lives from the root. People, who became friends, live in different parts of the US and they unite their forces through social media and friends to lose weight. They did it through running. It is one of the most health inspirational movies ever!

How To Live Forever?

How to Live Forever shows the influence of free will and how different categories of people try to stay young and healthy to live as long as they could. It involves the cases of a man who drinks beer, smokes as well as the adult pornstar! It depicts their fight through life and offers help to many other people, following their lives, fitness activities, lifestyle and more!

Prescription Thugs 

The real-life examples are the best cases when it comes to health preservation and this confessional documentary about substance abuse reveals the shocking fact that too many Americans take prescription drugs! Through memoirs, real cases and life situations and intolerance to the pain that everyone should have, we can see that substance abuse only makes things worse in the long run.

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