North Londoner Izzy Warner Released Debut Single ‘Brand New’

North Londoner Izzy Warner releases her debut single ‘Brand New’ yesterday, 15 July, on Wow & Flutter Records.

An intoxicating pop banger with simmering verses exploding into an irresistible chorus, ‘Brand New’ sees Izzy’s flawless pop vocals triumph, with the trademark ‘breath of fresh air’ production from Karl Zine, known for his work with RINNGS, Hanne Mjoen, and Jareth.

Izzy’s music draws on both her talent as a writer and performer, and her whirlwind past of tragedy, love, loss and perseverance adds a disarming honesty to her lyrics.

‘Brand New’ may sound familiar. A cover version featured in the recent Will Ferrell film ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of the Fire Saga’. The track was originally written with a group of songs in consideration for Izzy’s debut EP, which is set for release in October this year, and was picked up for the soundtrack of the film alongside songs by a number of pop’s big gun songwriters, including the Weeknd and Savan Kotecha, the latter of whom has written for the likes of Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry.

Speaking about ‘Brand New’, Izzy said,

“Everyone has been expressing so much love for the song in the movie, so it made sense to put this track out first ahead of my debut EP! I’m super excited for everyone to hear it in its original iteration and give people a taste of what’s to come…

This is the first song Karl and I wrote together so it feels like a great place to start! The song is about the conflict of wanting to let someone down gently but honestly. It explores the situation where someone expresses that they want to be in a relationship with you, but you feel they haven’t been through enough in life to truly connect with you… There’s nothing worse than suspecting you don’t know the real reason why someone broke up with you… So, when someone demands you tell them the truth, you feel compelled to, but are also scared of hurting them.

Brand New is about exploring the idea that maybe it’s ultimately better for both of you if the heart-breaker is unwaveringly honest. Instead of writing a classic break up ballad, I thought it’d be fun to write a disarmingly upbeat pop song. I love a challenge and hopefully the lyrics resonate with people and make them want to either be braver in difficult situations or at the very least, dance out their bruised hearts! Haha”

Izzy has collaborated over the past three years with many of the titans of publishing, composing and production in the music industry. Her vocals and songwriting can be heard on a number of tracks, such as the worldwide trailer for critically acclaimed movie, “Miss Fisher and The Crypt of Tears” which debuted at Palm Springs Film Festival. When not in the studio, Izzy can be seen on stage supporting the likes of superstar Cher, whose recent sold out world tour included two nights at London’s O2 arena.

Listen to ‘Brand New’ on SoundCloud. You can find out more about Izzy Warner online on Instagram.

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