INTERVIEW – remme Talks To Us About His Single ‘lose touch’

We’ve been loving remme’s recent single ‘lose touch’! He’s not long dropped the music video for this stunning track which you can watch below:

We wanted to know all about it from remme himself and to also ask him what else he has planned! Here is what he had to say when we got in touch:

Hey, remme! We’re loving your most recent single “lose touch.” Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about it? What is it about?

Hi!! My new song ‘Lose Touch’ is about someone who pushes you through your limits. You know you have to let go at some point but you are just not ready yet. It feels like I’m falling endlessly, the situation is spinning out of control and I want to scream out loud. I always feel a lot of emotions while singing “lose touch”, the song makes me put everything on the line.

You dropped a music video for it not too long ago. What’s the story behind that? Where was it filmed? Who else was involved etc?

The music video of ‘Lose Touch’ was shot with a small crew in the ‘Black Forrest’(South-Germany). After being stuck in the house for months I was so excited to travel again and when we left the Netherlands my video-shoot immediately turned into a road trip with new friends.

During 4 days of shooting, I was making campfires in the rain, running through the woods with a Siberian husky and even swimming in an ice-cold mountain lake. The lake was certainly the most extreme to me, I’ve never been so cold in my life.

3) You’re clearly a very talented musician. At what part in your life did you decide you wanted to do this for a living?

Thank you so much! I started writing songs at the age of 12 with my former guitar teacher. After 1 or 2 years of regular guitar lessons, he asked me to write a song one day, just for fun, I absolutely loved it. Over the years things started to get more and more serious and before I knew we were working on an album at our studio in Berlin. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about doing something else in life, making music has always felt really natural to me.

4) You can tell that you put a lot of emotion into your music. Where do you get your inspiration from? Can you describe your writing process for us?

Usually, I start off writing songs just by sitting behind my piano and playing/singing random stuff that pops up in my head. Once I hear or play something that feels good I record it on my iPhone and I let it rest for a little while. Listening back to it I try to make sense of the words that I’m singing and I try to tweak it into a fitting story. The words and sentences come from a subconscious mind, it’s called ‘gibberish’. For me it’s not really about inspiration, I guess my inspiration is just that I like writing songs so much.

5) Do you ever get writers/creative block? How do you overcome this?

I’ve never really experienced writers’ block if I’m being honest. Whenever I get a little stuck while writing a song I just Zoom-call my friends in Berlin and then we write together:). There are always so many interesting people around from all over the world at the studio in Berlin. I’ve been traveling there ever since I was 16 years old and it still feels so bizarre to me that I have been able to work with people from France, the UK, the United States, and even West-Africa! Over the years the studio started to feel like a community, a bubble where I was able to experiment and write without any pressure. I think writing without pressure is one of the most important parts of overcoming a writer’s block.

6) We want to know who you’re listening to at the moment. Can you tell us your top 3 favourite artists currently on your playlist? Why are they your favourite?

I would say, Post Malone, Coldplay, and Frank Ocean. Ever since I got Spotify on my phone the supply of good music became pretty much endless. With just one tap on my screen, I can go from Jeff Buckley to Justin Bieber and from Dua Lipa to Amy Winehouse, creating my own albums in the form of playlists. I guess, because of that, my music is inspired by all pop music from the last 50 years. I also hear that in songs by the artists I just mentioned, they’re using elements from different music genres and give it their own twist and sound.

Also, I’ve always been really inspired by artists that, besides being amazing singers and performers, are also incredible songwriters. That’s the ‘full package’ in my opinion!

7) Finally, can you tell us of any future plans? What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a lot of songs at the moment and I think it would be great to work towards an album. I’m not sure when exactly this album will be finished but for now, I will just keep on writing, let’s see what happens! Besides writing and releasing songs, I absolutely can’t wait to be back on the road with my band again real soon. The whole COVID-19 situation is getting a little better in the Netherlands, we’ve just played our first promo show in a long time! After our first show, last January things started to take off. We were getting better and better and I think it’s time to finish what we started!

Massive thank you to remme for taking time out of his day to talk to us! Be sure you’re following his Facebook, and Instagram for more updates. You can also stream “lose touch” on all major streaming platforms now!

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