Ethan Gold – ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’ 

2020 has been a bit of a year already hasn’t it! What with bush fires devastating much of Australia, then the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic, and the rise against the patriarchy, white supremacy, and out of control capitalism, we’ve all been affected in some way. One thing we’ve all learned however is that we’ve all learned that our own problems aren’t so different to those of our neighbours; although we’re not necessarily in exactly the same boat, we’re all out there somewhat stranded, and it’s brought many of us to unity, and bound us in love.

Ethan Gold is a songwriter and self-described Earth defender. The son of Melissa Gold, who was the last girlfriend of concert promoter Bill Graham (she died in the same helicopter crash as Graham) and Beat writer Herbert Gold, Ethan was raised in San Francisco and shaped by the influences that remained in that city from the hippie revolution. In the late stages of 2019 he released ‘Never Met A World Like You’, from his album, ‘Earth City’, which he debuted at the climate strikes in Los Angeles. Now he returns with a new single, ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’, which should also stand as a necessary anthem for the times we live in, written as a balm to soothe our souls in this time of unexpected, unprepared for, and unprecedented turmoil.

The video for ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’ features fans from all over the world singing Gold’s words, one at a time, in clips from their home countries. The faces of people both young, and old, energetic, and weary, weathered, and beautiful come together in a sequence that is somewhat mesmerising.

All the while the fans are on screen, Ethan Gold is a presence hovering in silhouette with his guitar, a guiding angel pulling the whole clip together. It’s quite moving, and serves an illustration of the power of community – we may be separated by time and distance, but we are all the same under the skin and all suffer the same issues. If people from all over the world can come together in unity for a music video, imagine how much power we would have if we all united to heal the world.

Watch the video for ‘Our Love Is Beautiful’ below. You can find Ethan Gold online on his official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Ethan Gold - Our Love Is Beautiful (Official Music Video)

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